Weekend of Drama!

Drama in your church that doesn't happen in the Pastor's Office!

   Preaching and Evangelistic services using drama within the message! Terry Vik can also teach YOUR team drama pieces and they can present dramas on Sunday with him!

A typical week:

  • Wednesday service: Often Bro. Vik will present one of the books of the bible - James, Philippians, or Galatians. A 30 minute presentation of the entire book dramatized!
  • Thursday, Friday, Saturday: Training in many aspects of drama from backstage work to directing to acting. He will often teach a specific drama piece (or two) which is presented Sunday during service as part of the message.
  • Sunday Service(s). Powerful, healing, evangelical and uplifting services heavily using drama within the preaching messages. Altar Calls, not Curtain Calls!


Let Terry Vik help direct a full length Christmas or Easter Drama - or one for anytime of the year!

Contact Bro. Vik NOW for scheduling! (See his current schedule on this website.) 515-238-2064

Want to boost your Sunday School morale? Bring in Bro. Vik for his 4 hour interactive Sunday School seminar called "Create Willing Sponges!"


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