28 Christmas Plays for Children, Teens and Adults

28 Christmas Plays for Children, Teens and Adults

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A Not So Silent Night

Christmas Play 14+ Actors, 45 Minutes

Mary Had A Little Lamb

Christmas Play, 24+ actors, 30 Minutes

The Truest Gift

Christmas Play, 12+ actors, 15 Minutes

Andrea’s Christmas

Christmas Play for the entire Sunday School, 14+ actors, 40 Minutes

Too Much Hay!

Christmas Play, 8 Actors, 25 Minutes

A Very Puppet Christmas!

Christmas Puppet Program! 7 puppets, 2 humans, 5-7 Behind scenes, 35 Minutes

Christmas on the Moon

Christmas Play, 12 Speaking parts, + others, 40 Minutes

The Broken Manger

Christmas Play, 3 Actors, 25 Minutes

Let’s Set the Record Straight

A No Rehearsal Needed Christmas Program!, 6 speaking parts, 25 minutes

The Children of the Shepherds

Christmas Play, 6 speaking parts, others, 25 Minutes

Adult/Teen Christmas Monologues, Skits, Plays and Programs.

The Innkeeper

A monologue for Christmas – 1 male Actor.

A Shepherd’s Story

A Christmas Monologue – 1 male Actor, 5 Minutes

This Shall Be A Sign Unto You

A Christmas Play, 4 actors, 40 Minutes

His Name Shall Be Called …

A Choral Reading. 9 Voices, 12 Minutes

What am I Forgetting?

Comedy Christmas Sketch, 6 actors, 15 Minutes

Gold Frankincense and Grrrr!

A Comedy Christmas Sketch, 3 Actors, 7 Minutes

The Three Not So Wise Women

A Christmas Comedy Sketch, 3 Women, 7 Minutes

The Advent Series

Four Sketches for Christmas, 9 actors (some may play more than one part), 5 minutes each
HOPE -- John the Baptist - Monologue
PEACE - The Magi – A Choral Reading for three players
JOY - Two Shepherds – Deuel and Enan
LOVE - Mary, the mother of Jesus, Monologue

Christmas in the E.R.

Christmas Comedy with a message!, 8 (or 11) females, plus cheerleaders, 13 (or 10) males plus football players, 50 Minutes

Christmas at the Last Chance Diner or There’s No Room for the Chicken Fried Steak

A Christmas Comedy with a message. 13+ Actors, 50 Minutes

Christmas Eve at the Higher Grounds

A Christmas Comedy with a message. 17+ Actors, 50 Minutes

A Food Court Christmas

A Christmas Comedy with a message. 13+ Actors, 50 Minutes

The Ultimate Gift of All

A Christmas “Infomecial” with a message. 8+ Actors, 45 Minutes

The Truest Gift of All

A Christmas Comedy with a message. 10+ Actors, 45 Minutes
Acting, Singing, Puppetry, Dowel Rods


A Christmas Drama. 11 Actors, 80 Minutes


A Christmas Drama, 25 Actors, 80 Minutes


A Christmas Comedy with a message. 15+ Actors, 80 Minutes

Back to You

A Christmas Comedy with a message, 7 Actors, 50 Minutes