50 Fun Fundraising Events!

50 Fun Fundraising Events!

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As I created, gathered and/or modified these fundraising ideas I kept three things in mind:

  • It had to be fun for the workers
  • It had to have a minimal investment
  • It had to reach out beyond the local church for the funds.

Too often ‘fundraisers’ tap over and over into the same people – your congregation. And many pastors would tell me that their tithes and offerings would dip in direct proportion to the amount raised in the fundraiser! The net profit of the event was zero!

Also, the church would begin to regret another fundraiser because subconsciously they would see it as an infringement on their resources rather than a blessing to the ministry the effort was designed to assist.

Many great fund raising ideas begin with a rather large investment on the part of the church. And even if the event was successful there is so much pressure that it would dampen the enthusiasm of the worker. The enclosed ideas require very minimal investment.

You are not being asked to buy truck loads of goods, boxes of candy or any items to return if not sold. There is no selling in the traditional retail sense. You are being asked – in each of these 50 ideas – to sell the ministry. So even if no money is raised (which won’t happen!) then the ministry is being promoted