A Few Good Men - Script

A Few Good Men - Script

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A Few Good Men is the story of James and Julie Hart.

She has discovered that she is to have their first child, but James is furious. He is not ready. Julie has been in the church and is solid in her belief. James has attended, but never committed. He is currently on a downward spiritual spiral.

The ‘Few Good Men’ of the title are Julie’s father, his friend, Bro. Carlysle, and their pastor, Bro. Cooper. They take on the task of fighting the spiritual battle for the young Harts. Julie’s friend Carla, is also around for help and encouragement.

The spirit world is represented through two angelic and two demonic beings. They have no words (with one exception), but their presence and influence is felt. During the course of the play, the characters go back and forth from modern day to Bethlehem. They provide parallels between the new and the old and the Few Good Men of today have the same characteristics as the Few Good Men of old.


  • James Hart -  Husband of Julie, not so much backslidden as uncommitted. Selfish, egocentric 
  • Julie Hart -  Wife of James. Loves James, but wants a family, especially one committed to Christ 
  • Bro. Stevens -  Father of Julie 
  • Pastor Cooper -  Pastor of the Church 
  • Bro. Carlyle -  Deacon of the Church 
  • Carla -  Neighbor of the Harts 
  • 2 Angels - male or female
  • 2 Demons - male or female