A Food Court Christmas

A Food Court Christmas

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A Great Christmas Drama for Teens!

It is Christmas Eve and a few unlucky shoppers get stuck in the mall! Comedy with a message! 


  • Maria - Works clean-up around the food court. Only speaks Spanish. She is nine months pregnant.
  • Jose, Maria's husband. Works for Little Caesar's. Speaks English and Spanish 
The Girls
  • Kaylie - A chatterbox. A very vain chatterbox.
  • Lindsay  - Lindsay is CONSTANTLY text messaging. We never learn to whom. She only speaks three word during the play. She can laugh and show various text and photo messages to her friends, who react in various ways.
  • Amanda -  Works as a cashier in one of the mall stores. Stressed out. A good head on her shoulders. 
Reilly Family. Teens can play all roles or you can find someone of appropriate age.
  • Tom - Overly cheerful.
  • Maggie - Wife, Constantly worried.
  • Tammy -  Child, Age may vary from 5 to 9
  • Dane - Child, Age may vary from 5 to 9 
The Guys
  • Brandon - Shy and sensitive. Has a crush on Amanda
  • Troy -  Nice, but forward. Likes Kaylie. Always light hearted and fun.
  • Greg - Brazen, sarcastic, a jerk. Likes himself. 
Mall Walker

This person plays a recurring role. It can be male or female. Each time they enter they should huff and puff, check pulse and watch. All while on the move. During each appearance the mall walker should lose a certain amount of weight. This is accomplished with removable padding. This character has no lines to speak.

The Announcer

A voice over the intercom from the mall office. This can be prerecorded. 

Additional Elements
  • Although the play stands alone and needs no extra presentations there are many events that you can include in the play if you want. For Example:
  • Dowel Rod presentation
  • Sign Language presentation
  • Men's quartet
  • Women's Trio
  • Children's Choir 

Each of these groups may appear in the mall. Keep the following in mind:

  • They must act as if in the mall
  • These are groups that are coming to the mall to present. So they must act as if everyone in the congregation is at the mall food court, not at church. The leader of each group should feel free to improvise lines to keep the illusion alive.
    • "Hurry and get into position before everyone finishes eating and leaves"
    • "Sing like angels, we don't want people to get sick while shopping!"
  • The actors must play into the event.
  • They can improvise dialogue both before and after the presentation to keep things flowing smoothly  BUT THEY MUST STAY IN CHARACTER!
    • "What are all these people with white sticks"
    • "Aw, look at the cute kids in angel outfits"
  • They MUST enter and leave quickly
  • They must keep with the theme of Christmas.  
Set Design
  • A very simple set is needed. Three tables with a variety of chairs should suffice. Also needed is a garbage can or two.
  • A background can be included. Remember that this is the food court in a mall. The background can feature:
  • The different food establishments
  • A Christmas tree
  • A staircase
  • A specific store or group of stores
  • The door to Little Caesars
  • Go to a mall and take pictures to get ideas.

There needs to be at least two directions the actors can come from. The mall walker enters from one direction and leaves the other. Jose can have a third direction that heads toward his store. Later Maria and others go that way and she has her baby off stage. 

Props Needed

Go to several fast food establishments and ask to borrow or use:

  • Food trays
  • Sacks
  • Styrofoam hamburger holders
  • Drink cups of various sizes with lids and straws
  • Napkins
    • By offering to publicize their store in a program or a 'Thank You' over the pulpit most stores will gladly furnish these items.
  • Broom and dustpan for Maria
  • A variety of sacks, boxes, wrapped and unwrapped gifts for the shoppers.
  • Cell phones
  • Purses 
Costumes -- The only specific costumes are those for:
  • Amanda (she works as a cashier)
  • Maria (as a custodial worker at the food court)
  • Jose (as a Manager for Little Caesar's)