A Drive Inn Christmas

A Drive Inn Christmas

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Great Drama for Teens!


A typical drive-through restaurant. Model it after a Sonic, A&W or whatever you have locally. The blocking described can be used or create your own. The set design below is used for the blocking provided. 

Raise the window of the building high enough so the actor can be seen above the cars at the posts. A small ladder or stand behind the flat will lift the actor playing the cook high enough. 

There are four stations with a post between each two stations for the intercom/trays. The background is the main building with a workable door for the waitress and some customers to use. The stations are numbered from Stage Right 1,2,3 then 4

The Cars

The 'cars' are merely simple panels drawn to look like the front of the vehicle. Use flats, frames, plywood, Luan, cardboard or whatever your creative genius brings. There is a bar across the back to allow the actor to pick it up and 'drive' from one location to another. As with the entire set think CARTOON. Cut out the area for the window so when facing forward it looks like the actors are in the vehicle. When they drive in or drive away, the audience sees it as it is which will add to the comedy! Add some sort of feet to the vehicle so that when the actor sits down he can let go and the 'car' stands by itself. If the cars cannot exit off platform then build the flats so they can go behind them when not on onstage. To get out of the car they open an imaginary door and step out.  The Police car should have the name Davidburg Police Department. 

The Story:

Although a comic piece it is also an allegory of the first Christmas where everyone was so busy with their own lives and problems they failed to see the miracle within their midst. 

This is a fast paced piece and is very appropriate as your main Christmas program or as a dinner drama present by and/or for the youth. 

Playing time approx. 50 minutes


Props: Go to your local drive-through and ask for trays, costumes, aprons, hats, drinking glasses, bags, or whatever they use to serve the customer. Advertising should be considered for trade on the borrowed items. Of course you can make up your own name, Such as 'Berger's Burger Inn'


5 Female, 5 Male, 2 can be either. 

  • Jeanie (or Gene) Berger - Owner/Manager/Cook of the Drive-In
  • Gabe Real (pronounce Ree al)  - A reporter who knows everything and everyone. Never drives a car.
  • Mary
  • Joseph
  • Officer Penny (or Pierre) Less - She hasn't a clue.
  • Tami Lookame - The most popular girl in school
  • Beau Brawn - The most popular guy in school
  • Simon Eyes - A sleazy character, always trying to pick up the girls. He's too 'slick' for his own good!
  • Cliff M. Niac  -  Nickname 'Klepto'. A thief, but he only steals fries.
  • Denata Clue Less - Penny's younger sister, hangs with Cliff.
  • Rhonda Derby -  Waitress Rhonda with an 'h'
  • Ronda Blades - Waitress  Ronda with no 'h' (Ronda or Rhonda means noisy) 

Jeanie and the Officer can be either male or female. Change the pronoun to fit your cast.