An Easter To Remember - Script

An Easter To Remember - Script

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Ten sketches with biblical characters to bring your Easter Presentation to life!
This is a series of sketches that can be used in several ways.
• Each piece stands alone so you can pick and choose specific pieces to use in your drama.
• You can use all ten of them as the Easter drama itself. The order in this book makes biblical sense.
• Add other scenes or sketches that you find to expand on the drama.
• You can add music pieces throughout to expand the production. These may be solos, instrumentals, groups, sign, dowel rod or human video presentations. Add one or several according to your needs and desires.
• Also, some of these pieces can be used at other times and other events (i.e. ladies meetings, youth events, etc.)

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The Roof - 1 Man, 1 Woman - A husband tries to explain why four men tore a hole in the roof of their house to let Jesus heal their friend.
The Neighbors - 3 Women - Kicked out of the house by Jesus just before He heals Jarius' Daughter
He's Coming! - Mary, Martha and Lazarus learn that Jesus is heading to Jerusalem to die.
Where's My Goat? - 2 Men, 2 others briefly. A man tries to find the colt he let Jesus borrow.
Do We Go? - 4 men- Peter, Andrew, James and John argue about going to Jesus' Crucifixion
I Wash My Hands - Monologue - 1 man - Pontius Pilate makes His Excuses
The Hem of His Garment - 1 Woman OR 2 Women, 1 Man - The Woman with the Issue of Blood stands at the foot of the Cross
This Day - Monologue - 1 man- The thief on the cross pours out his sorrow at his sins and defends the sinless Jesus
The Son of God - Monologue - 1 Man - The centurion marvels at the man from Galilee hanging on the cross.
He is Risen! - 2 Actors male or female - The angels at the tomb declare Jesus is alive.