Back to You

Back to You

  • $69.95

This is an entire package with scripts, music CD, videos with step by step instructions for all song interpretations and blocking. Also you receive graphics for advertising.


  • Brian - Your every day bloke. A little tired of church, his marriage and life.
  • Diana - A little strong willed, but not overbearing. She, too, is a little frustrated with life.
  • Shepherd - Very upbeat and fun loving.
  • King -  Speaks like an old Shakespearean actor. Full of affectation. The broad gestures of a bad actor.
  • Angel - Fiesty
  • Mary -  Sweet, but not syrupy
  • Joseph - Tender, honest.
  • Sign Team - Minimum 3 people
  • Dowel Team - Minimum 6 people
  • Acting Team - Minimum 6 people


Brian and Diana are setting up the nativity scene for Christmas. As they do the figurines come to life! One by one they relate their viewpoint of the Christmas message. Lots of comedy, but very, very touching.

This program uses song interpretations to highlight the story. Sign language, Dowel rod, acting.

Playing time - Approximately 70 minutes.



  • This takes place in Brian and Diana's home. The characters from the nativity scene come to life and talk to them.
  • Brian and Diana must react to all the songs as if the performers are somehow actually in their home.
  • There is a lot of humor, but the drama and message comes through.
  • There needs to be enough room in the front for all of the dowel or sign language groups. A backdrop of flats to represent the wall of the home is sufficient. Two entrances are needed, one at either end of the wall. There must be room to go in one door, cross the back and come through the other door.
  • On the wall should be an entertainment center painted (or if room a 3D version)
  • A folding Card Table


  • A nativity scene with fairly large, STURDY figures. They will be dropped and you do not want them to break. The costumes of the characters should match the costumes on the figurines.
  • A box which holds the nativity scene.
  • Enough dowel rods for all players to have 2 each.