Blameless - Production Packet

Blameless - Production Packet

  • $69.95


  • DVDs of step by step instruction for all blocking, each song interpretation, sign language presentation and dowel presentations.
  • DVD of the blocking illustrated in stop action animated video.
  • CD of all of the production music, song interpretation music, scene change music, underscore music.
  • CD with Director's Script, Stage Manager's Script, Lighting and Sound Scripts, Librettos for each actor.  Graphics for publicity purposes.

"Blameless" parallels the journeys of the Passover Lamb and our Lord Jesus Christ during the few days before the His crucifixion. Amos, a young lad in Jerusalem, is given the task to keep watch over the lamb his family has selected for Passover. It must be inspected and tried for four days in order to be declared 'spotless'. Amos crosses paths with a variety of well-known characters - even Jesus himself! This presentation incorporates acting, sign songs, dowel rod pieces and more to declare once again to the world that Jesus is a spotless lamb and "Blameless!".

11 Men, 5 Women, plus servants and vendors.

Songs include:

  • "Hosanna!" by Israel Houghton,
  • "Wonderful, Merciful Savior" by Selah (Signed and Acted),
  • "Clean" by Natalie Grant (Acting with scarves),
  • "My Victory" by David Crowder Band (Acting),
  • "I Am" by Freedom (Sign)

Running time -- 45 - 90 Minutes, depending upon how much of the program you do. The primary part of the story told by the actors is 45 minutes and stand alone. There are, however, a number of sign and other song interpretation presentations that augment the script. Doing all will bring the total running time to about 90 minutes.