Children of the Cross

Children of the Cross

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Various children who were affected by Jesus earthly ministry discuss who Jesus is and what he has done.

The drama takes place the day after the crucifixion. The children meet on the field beneath Golgotha.

Set Design

Stage Left is Joseph’s tomb. The stone is in place. Two Roman Guards are stationed on either side of the stone. This is out of the main playing area, but still noticeable.

Upstage right is seen Golgotha’s hill with two crosses – the thieves’ -- still upright. This can be a painting as there needs to be a feeling of distance from the main playing area. Center stage is Jesus’ cross on its side, leaning against a rock. The rock should be big enough for one of the children to sit or even stand upon. Other stones are laying about

A crown of thorns, a rose and the nails are laying about. White rose, found at the end, blood splattered on a rock. 



Alexander                   Oldest Son of Simon, Mature, Protective

Rufus                          Youngest Son of Simon, Angry, Confused

Bela                             Boy who was healed of demons, bullied, shy withdrawn.

Timon                         Boy with the loaves and fishes (Pronounced Tim – MOWN, accent on ‘mown’)


Chenya                       Jarius’ Daughter, kind, outgoing, loves people, Graceful, Demure (Pronounced “CHIN – yah”, accent on Chin)

Dinah                          Friend of Chenya

Makala                        Daughter of one of the Pharisees, outwardly sweet, prissy, uppity, self-centered (pronounced “Mah – KAY – Lah”, accent on KAY)

Yaliza                          Friend of the Makala, Follower, wants to be nice, but is easily persuaded (pronounced ‘Ya – LIE – zah’, accent on Lie)

Jaania                         Friend of Makala (Pronounced “Jah – NI – ah”, accent on NI)

Eliana                         Sis. of boy raised from the dead, Protective, Strong, Outcast, Bold (pronounced “Ill – e—ANN – nah”, accent on ANN)

Adults – All non-speaking, Jesus has one line.

Two Roman Guards



Cross, Stand for Cross, Hammer, Nails, Crown of Thorns, Small Basket, White Rose, Bread, Wine Cup, Two towels, Two bowls


All biblically based.

Makala, Jaania and Yaliza need to be fashionably nicer or at least better material.

Chenya’s should not fit perfectly.

Bela, Timon and Eliana should be on the poorer side. Timon’s can be dirty.

Modern dress for final dowel piece.