Christmas in the Emergency Room

Christmas in the Emergency Room

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It is Christmas Eve and things are calm in the E.R. at Bethlehem Christian Hospital. The staff is preparing for a celebration when things begin to go awry! Fun and engaging!

Running time: Approx. 60 minutes


8 (or 11) females, plus cheerleaders, 13 (or 10) males plus football players.

The Innkeepers

  • Gladys - Head Nurse. Drill sergeant. Any age from 30 to 60.
  • Amber - Candy Striper. Her elevator does not go all the way to the top. Teenager. WAY too cheery!
  • Kathy - Nurse/Receptionist
  • Dr. Frank - Horrible bedside manner. 30-40 yrs old. Can be male or female
  • Dr. Young - Very Young. Can be male or female.

The Guests of the Inn (E.R.)

  • Richard Caldwell - Worrier, frustrated. Husband to Mrs. Caldwell
  • Alice Caldwell - Hypochondriac, Wife to Mr. Caldwell
  • Bob Bluenose - Allergic to everything.
  • Brandon Marshall - Broken leg, skateboarder
  • Marshall - Brandon's mother.

The Shepherds

  • Coach Shep - Head Coach of the Rams.
  • Coach Abel - Assistant Coach, Could be female.

The Sheep

  • Brett Horne - High School football star of "The Rams"
  • Marcie Mutton - Head of the Cheerleaders called "The Sheep"
  • Paula - Cheerleader
  • If you want extras you can add other Football players and Cheerleaders

The Magi (This can be the King "Family" and substitute females in some of the roles.)

  • Jonathan King - Part of King Brother's Trio
  • Casper King - Part of King Brother's Trio
  • Michael King - Part of King Brother's Trio

The Angel

  • Corporal O'Hara - Night Policeman on extra duty. Sweet on Kathy.

The Royal Family

  • Joey - New father to be
  • Molly - 8 months, 29.95 days pregnant