End Road - Script

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End Road follows the downfall of Dan Williams, a graduating Senior in High School who inherits money he was unaware of.

His interest in spiritual things has wavered over the past couple of years and he is influenced by a worldly friendship with Robert 'Spike' Richards.

His Pastor and Family struggle with Dan's new attitude and pray for the reawakening of his commitment to God. This play is about what happens to Dan and how God is ever calling to us to return to his grace and mercy.

6 men, 5 Women. 3 more parts that can be male or female. Others.

Length - 90 minutes in two Acts.


Men – 6
Dan Williams,
Mr. Williams, Dan's father
Pastor Nelson
Robert 'Spike' Richards
First Jailer
Second Jailer
Women – 5
Mrs. Williams, Dan's mother
Kathy Williams, Dan's sister
Rachel, Dan's girlfriend
Connie, Spike's girlfriend/addict
Sis. Nelson, Pastor's wife
Can be Male or Female - 3
Clerk of Court
Various players and guests