Let's Set the Record Straight

Let's Set the Record Straight

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So what is this drama all about?

"Let's Set the Record Straight" gives us some insight into the thoughts and feelings of participants within the Christmas story. Music, acting and - the most unique and fun part of the drama - is audience participation! This drama is adaptable to any size church. 

Here are the various elements of the presentation:

  • The Music Team - this may be live music, sound tracks, solos, groups, congregational singing, individuals or any mix which fits your team's abilities and desires.
  • The Drama Team - Several actors deliver monologues which include audience response. Although they are mainly monologues Mary and Joseph will interject lines.
  • The Audience - They will be cued in to shout out a few words to add to the story and involve them in the presentation.
  • The Children - They will be involved through singing, audience response and to give the stage characterization. 

This is really not as complicated as it may sound at first. Read though the program and give yourself an overview of all that takes place. You will find that whether you decide to have rehearsals or not a wonderful, humorous and thought provoking drama will be the outcome. God bless! 

Playing time - Approx. 40 minutes


  • The audience will be divided into four groups. They are each given a phrase to shout out on cue:
    • 1 -- Angels = Fear Not!
    • 2 -- Shepherds = Amazing!
    • 3 -- Magi = Take it, it's yours!
    • 4 -- Animals = There;s no room!
    • 5 -- EVERYONE = Praise the Lord!
  • Angel
  • Shepherd
  • Magi
  • Donkey
  • The Children
    • They are divided into the four groups above as well.
    • They sit on the front row(s) dressed in character. Extra costumes are provided for those who are expected, but not part of the regular Sunday School.
    • There is a minimum of one monitor for each group of children. The monitors will be informed as to when and where the children are to stand or sit.