My Son and My God! - Script

My Son and My God! - Script

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This play takes a look at the crucifixion from the eyes of four women: Mary, the Mother of Jesus, Mary Magdalene, Salome and Joanna. Others are indicated but they are not seen and have no dialogue.

Although some small monologues occur, most of the plot is forwarded through the interaction of the women.

The Theme:

Jesus was all man and all God. Through the eyes of these women we learn how each viewed Jesus. We will come to learn that all of their viewpoints are accurate, revealing the totality of who Jesus was.

Running Time -- 50 minute
A CD is available with prologue, mood and background music. Click Here

The Characters:

  • Mary, the Mother of Jesus --(Listed as ‘Mary’ in the script) She is torn between her knowledge of Jesus as God in the flesh and the natural horror a mother would face in seeing her son tortured and crucified. The oldest of the four – about 50.
  • Mary Magdalene – (Listed as ‘MM’ in the script). She sees Jesus as the loving and kind man who is forgiving and gentle. She does not understand the mind of men. From 25 to 30 years old.
  • Salome – She views Jesus as the great teacher, the man who would bring truth to the world. She is the brassiest of the ladies. She can be as old as Mary or as young as you need.
  • Joanna– She views Jesus as the healer of body and soul. As the one who would take away the pain of this world. Biblically her husband was a steward for Herod. From 20-40 years old.


This play takes place in three locations in Jerusalem. For that reason the set needs to be suggestive and abstract in nature, rather than realistic. A simple neutral background that can be lit in a variety of tones would be very useful. Simple set pieces will be brought out as suggested to make the flow of the drama smooth and uninterrupted.


Lighting can be very complicated or simple. The minimum is the ability to black out between scenes. If you have the ability then mood lighting for each scene would be great. For example:
---Scene 1-The Upper Room --Early morning light shining in through one window.
---Scene 2 – Outside Pilate’s Hall – Bright daylight, growing darker and threatening storm as scene progresses. As the procession passes the women shadows of figures play across them.
---Scene 3 – Calvary –A gobo of the cross shining from the back of the auditorium would be perfect. As the characters speak they stand in the light of the cross. This is the reverse effect of a shadow.


Cues are indicated for suggested moments of music underscore. A CD of a soundtrack will available if you do not wish to create one on your own. In some case you will need to replay the track during the scene. If you have a dual CD setup then cross fade from one track to another unless otherwise indicated. You have permission to make a duplicate CD for this purpose.