The Children of the Shepherds

The Children of the Shepherds

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Perfect for a small church or large!

This is a Christmas program for a small group. The Children can be a mixture of boys and girls, change the names according to the sex. Two adults are needed as well. These, too, can be male or female. There are two adult speakers and four children speakers. Other children are little lambs. At the end you need Joseph and Mary. These can be any age, children to adults, as they do not speak. 

The overall story is about the journey of the children of the shepherds to Bethlehem. Within it are opportunities for choral pieces. 

The story begins on the hill right after the Angels visited the shepherds. 

Playing time - approx. 25 minutes


  • Jacob (or Josephine) -  Adult Shepherd, parent to Abigail and Josiah
  • Myah (or Michael) - Adult Shepherd, Parent to Ziva and Hadar
  • Abigail - A leader, a touch bossy
  • Josiah - Calm, logical
  • Ziva - Abigail's friend, perky
  • Hadar - Josiah's friend, full of life
  • Other children as lambs
  • Mary - (non speaking)
  • Joseph - (non-speaking)