The Prisoner of God - The Video

The Prisoner of God - The Video

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55 minute Video of the Prisoner of God, Written by Howi Tiller. 

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  • Paul - Howi Tiller
  • Marcus - Terry Vik

Paul spent many years in prison because of what he believed.  He wrote what we now know as the prison epistles.  "The Prisoner of God", takes us into the cell with Paul, as he is being guarded by a very zealous Roman Captain named Marcus.  The play is a "what if" , but proclaims many truths that we read in the bible.  Marcus is proud, arrogant and untouchable.  Paul, however, detects emotional weaknesses in Marcus and purposes to explore the cracks in this seemingly unconquerable man’s shield. Paul of course at one time was a persecutor of the Christians.  This story takes advantage of that fact and explores it to make the plot thicken and create a surprise ending to the play.