The Quickening! - Script

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Ponder wonders "Is there a God? Is He coming back?"

Sceptic says, "No",

Guide says, "Yes"

This is a morality play with all three actors taking on various biblical characters to illustrate the message of their main personae.

90 minutes, 3 men, simple setting.

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  • Ponder                   I have so many questions. I believe in God. At least I think I do. I mean, this can't be all there is … can it? One the one hand I've never seen God. He's never talked to me out of a burning bush. Besides that story is just allegory right? Wasn't there a plant that really did burn
  • Skeptic                   The herb Dictamnus albus, also known as false dittany, white dittany, or gas plant gets its name from comparison to the Bible account. The whole plant produces aromatic oils that can catch fire readily on hot days
  • Guide                     Though not without injury to the plant
  • Ponder                   On the other hand if God is real He could make a bush burn without hurting it. But what about Noah's Ark? Come on! Could it really have happened
  • Skeptic                   The story is a myth based on other flood fables told by various ethnic groups who populated the Middle East at the time of Moses.
  • Guide                     Which validates the existence of the event. Faith is required to decide which account of the event is true
  • Ponder                   Faith. I have little of that. Questions? I have lots of those. Like 'what is faith'?
  • Guide                     "Faith is the … "
  • Ponder                   Shut up! I know that answer. But doesn't it take faith to believe in faith? How can I believe in something if it hasn't been proven to me? Oh, I know, it just takes faith. Right. I want to believe in God. I really do. But there are so many things I don't understand. Is heaven real? Is hell? Did God really become a man? How can God let little children die? Why is there so much suffering? Do angels exist? (Stands, Skeptic and Guide move to the box, open it and begin to take out props for next scene) Why did God not take Cain's sacrifice. What did he do that was so wrong? He gave his first fruits, but God rejected Cain. Isn't doing your best enough?