The Throne

The Throne

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This is a large sized cast.


The Throne is an exploration into mind of Herod, his family and the coming of the magi. It has been a year and a half since the birth of Jesus and the magi, who have seen His star in the east, have come to worship.

Running time - Approx. 90 minutes

There is a CD with the background music available.

Cast of Characters

The Men

  • Herod the Great - A man possessed with the idea that people are trying to take over his position. He sees spies behind every curtain. The truth is he is probably right!
  • Archelaus, Herod's Son - The mirror image of his father. Loves the conspiracies, A big bully.
  • Anthony, Captain of the Guard - A sane voice, but will do whatever Herod asks, as that is his job. Flirts a bit, but not too seriously on his part.
  • Caius, Roman Guard
  • Laramaus, Roman Guard
  • Ananias, Jewish Council Member - Knows the law, but is cowed by Herod.
  • Archemedes, Court Wizard - A sly and bit of a wacko individual.
  • Polonius, A Roman Politician - Someone who would like to see Herod gone.
  • Joseph - Gentle and shy.
  • Jesus (As a child) - If a 1½ to 2-year-old cannot be found who will be calm on stage, bring out a cradle.
  • Jesus (On the Throne)


  • Ghesbar - Physically the most dominate. A balance between Bartholomew's half-full and Achmed's half-empty attitudes.
  • Bartholomew - Kind and gentle. Sees little evil in anyone.
  • Achmed - Sarcastic and fun loving. Yet deeply committed to their mission. 

The Women

  • Mariane, Herod's Wife - Haughty, proud. Very selfish.
  • Julia, Herod's Daughter - A teenager or young women. Flirts with Anthony, but is a bit too young for him.
  • Ashnah, Servant Girl - Open eyed.
  • Kenah, Servant Girl - Curious, sneaky
  • Debir, Servant Girl - Insolent
  • Rachelle, Ghesbar's Wife - Strong willed.
  • Alia, Achmed's Wife - Loud, brassy and is not afraid to get in Achmed's face.
  • Mary - Gentle, loving.
  • Anna, Mary's friend, - Strong, full of life.

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