This Shall Be A Sign Unto You - Christmas Drama

This Shall Be A Sign Unto You - Christmas Drama

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"This Shall Be A Sign Unto You" 

A Christmas Drama

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Cast of Four 

  • The Shepherds:
    • Abidan – Eager, youthful
    • Pagiel – Doubting, skeptical
  • The Girls
    • Cynthia – An fire for God, upbeat
    • Rachel – Unchurched, skeptical

Director’s notes:

This play covers two moments in time. One story takes place on the night Jesus was born and focuses on two shepherds who were awed by the angelic host. The other take place on Christmas Eve and is a modern moment introducing two girls heading to church.

The stories occupy the same place on the platform but neither duo is aware of the other. Their paths do not cross. In Scene Five they are all on the stage. During these moments it is essential that the actors do not accidently ‘see’ the other duo. For this reason the blocking (movement on the stage by the characters) is vital to communicate the time fracture.

The Set:

As two times eras are covered the set must be neutral. It is suggested to have an entrance both SL and SR. There are two sitting areas. One is SR and consists of a bench (one that would fit either time era) and a single seat against the SL wall. Theater boxes can be used for these instead of realistic items. Three for the bench, one for the single seat.


This is a very important element in the production. It must be clear to the audience the era of the characters. The shepherds need to be in biblical dress. A shepherd’s staff is not unwarranted. The girls need to be in modern dress, cell phones and all.

Script samples:

Scene One – A Street in Bethlehem

 Abidan and Pagiel run in from SL. They are out of breath. Abidan is eager, Pagiel collapses on the bench as he speaks and is hesitant to continue.

 Pagiel                    Hold up, Abidan! I’m out of breath.

 Abidan                  Come on, Pagiel, the others are way ahead of us.

Pagiel                    Of course they are! They took off and left us to secure the herd. It was foolish not to leave someone behind to watch over them.

Abidan                  Let the angels watch over them! They will frighten away any wolves or thieves within miles. They certainly frightened us!

Pagiel                    The herd is not their responsibility, Abidan. Nor is it their livelihood. Angels do not need wool to keep warm or meat to keep full. We do.

Abidan                  The herd will be fine for an hour or so. You worry like a woman who frets over her hair, Pagiel.

Pagiel                    Really?

Abidan                  Yes, really.

Pagiel                    I act like a woman in front of a mirror?

LATER .... Scene Two – A city street near a church.

We now jump to today. Cynthia and Rachel enter from SR. The church is offstage left. They are heading toward it. Rachel is very reluctant. She has never been to an apostolic church. They are classmates from school.

Cynthia enters first, Rachel behind walking slower, texting as she walks.

Cynthia                 Come on, Rachel! I don’t want to be late for the service.

Rachel                   Why, Cynthia? Will your pastor kick you out of the church?

Cynthia                 Of course not. I just don’t want to miss anything. This is one of my favorite services.

 Rachel finishes her text, sends it and sits on the bench.

Rachel                   You have a favorite service? Aren’t they all kinda all the same?

Cynthia                 Not at all, Rachel! No two services are ever the same. Not when the spirit of God moves.

 Rachel                   I know it’s been a long time since I went to church, but I do remember they were all pretty much identical. We sang a couple of stupid old songs from the hymnal, stood, prayed, sat, stood, sang, sat, stood, gave money, sat. Then listened to a BORING sermon for 15 minutes. Then stood, prayed and left. My dad thought it was a good service if it only lasted 54 minutes instead of the 55 it was scheduled. But if it went 56 minutes! He let the pastor know about it after church.

Cynthia                 Didn’t you ever have an altar call?

 Rachel                   A what?

Cynthia                 An altar call. You know, when you go up to the front after the message and talk to God.

 Rachel                   Ah, no! Nobody talked to god. That was the minister’s job. The best part of church for me was going to Dunkin’ Donuts after the service and getting a crème filled long john. What a sugar rush!

 Cynthia                 You want a rush? You need to let the spirit of God hit you when the choir is slamming out “Shake the Foundation” or “Lord, You’re Holy.” It’s incredible.