Unshakable Faith

Unshakable Faith

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What went on in the minds of Mary and Joseph before the birth of the Christ child? What about their families? If Joseph had to go to Bethlehem to be counted, then his father must have had to, too. It is very likely that they had relatives still in the area. Why then were they alone? It is not the nature of those in the mid-east to ignore and reject family members. Why did Joseph not journey with his father for protection from marauding bands in nothing else?

These questions sparked the idea for this presentation. Mary and Joseph were two young people in love and they had all the dreams and hopes that all young people explore. The visitation of the Lord upon Mary changed their lives forever. No longer were they innocent children, but they were thrust into a world of doubt and shame - at least from the view of those around them. Think of the fortitude, courage and character they must have possessed to pull them through this confusing time.

Would we have the strength to stand for right with all the pressure that family and friends throw our way to block the right path? Do we have the unshakable faith that Joseph had in Mary to stand by her?

Approx Running time - 90 Minutes

CAST - 5 Women, 9 Men, others

  • Mary
  • Heli, Mary's Father
  • Aldema, Mary's Mother
  • Joseph
  • Jacob, Joseph's Father
  • Cora, Joseph's Mother
  • Bella, Mary's friend
  • Elisabeth, Mary's Cousin
  • Zacharias, Elisabeth's Husband
  • Angels:
  • Micah
  • Gabriel
  • Lorah
  • Belarius
  • Angel of Darkness
  • Rabbi Gershon
  • Wedding Guests (May be stage hands)